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Recovery for Body and Spirit

Between everyday responsibilities and the added pressures of work and family, the world can take a toll on your body. Repairing that damage and working towards total wellness can be a difficult journey, especially when giving yourself a little attention can seem impossible to fit into a busy schedule. We want to help you return to a naturally relaxed and healthy state of being.


At SerendipityCB, we offer recovery for body and spirit. That means taking your individual needs, whether they include muscle tension relief, or hair and skin rejuvenation, and working towards attainable goals to make you feel like yourself again. We believe in reclaiming your mind and body through utilizing restorative treatments. We offer a range of therapeutic and specialty massages, along with beauty solutions like facials, exfoliation treatments and microdermabrasions. We also offer a complete selection of hair coloring and styling options.


Our team believes in finding the health and beauty solutions that are specific to your individual needs. We combine specialty botanical products with skillful technicians whose years of experience help them customize sessions to meet your wellness recovery goals. We make  certain that every service, whether it’s massage therapy, hair, or skin treatment, is what works for your body and meets all of your expectations.


No matter how the outside world treats you, once you walk into SerendipityCB, you’ll find the renewal your body and spirit need. Recovery is within reach.