Our Team

When you walk through the doors at SerendipityCB, you’re not just a client. Instead, you become a valued friend whose individual needs are respected and understood by a staff that has grown together as a professional team. We strive to always provide the best service for our  clients, and we work hard to nurture recovery for both your body and spirit.


Our team works together to make your health and beauty goals a reality. Each member has years of experience that have led to a level of unparalleled professionalism and expertise. We are constantly seeking to learn and perfect new techniques and practices. This continued education helps evolve our work so that we can provide the most current and proven health and beauty treatments.


So whether you walked in looking for a therapeutic massage treatment, an updated hairstyle or a healing skin treatment, you can be comfortable knowing your mental and physical wellness is in good hands at SerendipityCB. Our team members look forward to cultivating that special relationship with you as we help you achieve your body and beauty goals.

Cheryl A. Barker

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician 

Cheryl started with a dream to provide healing through natural remedies and therapeutic treatment. Her goal has always been to provide health and wellness solutions without using harsh or damaging chemicals. She started SerendipityCB so she could deliver that goal to clients.  After obtaining her Esthetician and Massage therapy Licensure, she started  studying aromatherapy and learning to create all-natural care products that revitalize skin and body.

Since SerendipityCB’s doors opened in 2012, Cheryl has continued to develop and perfect her massage therapy skills. She is passionate about learning and using new techniques, and she challenges herself to find solutions for each client’s needs and health targets. From sports injuries and rehabilitation to active stretching, Cheryl can work with your body to repair muscle tissue and promote strength and healing. She is an expert in orthopedic and therapeutic massage practice.

Cheryl’s approach to healing focuses on whole-body wellness. She believes in setting and meeting goals to improve mobility while relieving stress and pain. She enjoys easing clients’ muscle tension while helping them work towards a complete wellness lifestyle.

Whether you spend your days at a desk or on your feet, wrangling children or juggling chores, Cheryl can help you reclaim your body–and your sanity.

Lisa N. Burnette

Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Cosmetologist & Master Hair Stylist

For the last 28 years, Lisa has enjoyed making clients look and feel beautiful. Before joining the team at SerendipityCB, Lisa owned Noggins Salon in Cleveland. However, she ultimately realized that she wanted to focus on personal spiritual growth, and she sold her salon in order to nurture herself and those she loves.

For Lisa, joining SerendipityCB was like coming home to family. She translates those feelings of warmth and care into her work, using her technical skill to make her clients feel confident and look exceptional. She enjoys meeting style goals for both men and women, and she has gained her clients’ trust through her hairstyling expertise. Whatever your desired look, Lisa can make your dream style a reality.

Lisa is also a Licensed Esthetician and provides specialty facial treatments such as microdermabrasion and dermaplaning. She is experienced and trained to meet your individual needs, whether you are looking to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or to simply improve the overall luminosity of your skin.

Wanda F. Pico

Licensed Massage Therapist  

Wanda has been mending her clients’ neck and back discomfort for many years. After seeing overwhelming numbers of adults with back pain, she realized that many people may not know where their pain is coming from, so they don’t know how to fix it.

Wanda specializes in finding the culprit behind that pain. Whether it’s muscular imbalance brought on by an injury, poor posture, or simply too much time sitting, she knows how to pinpoint and eliminate the causes of daily discomfort. Using her advanced skill, she relaxes tired, overstressed muscles that pull bones out of alignment. She guides the body into  realigning itself for a more natural, healthy, and flexible state.

Wanda has a background in chiropractic treatment,  so she knows how to use special techniques like trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and therapeutic massage. She also practices the Young Living Raindrop Technique®, which incorporates therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils into a relaxing treatment that washes away stress and clears the mind.

Whatever your individual needs, Wanda has a special talent for repairing the mind and body through experienced techniques. Her clients are often surprised at how quickly they see measurable improvements to their overall wellbeing.

Kristi St. Hilaire

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Kristi  unearthed her passion for helping heal others nearly two years ago. She refocused her career so that she could use her hands as well as her heart to help clients relax and recover through massage therapy.

Kristi discovered that through her gentle touch, she could bring her clients back to a world where stress can be managed and overcome. Each massage unlocks relief, removing toxic tension from muscle tissue and promoting healing for both the body and spirit.

Kristi specializes in Swedish massage, deep tissue work and releiving unwanted tension throughout the body. However, her skill extends beyond the massage table to provide lasting effects that help her clients adjust to a chaotic world with a stress-free outlook. She is a friendly and respectful professional who is never afraid to confront the overwhelming nature of life with a contagious calmness.

Anna Thompson

Licensed Massage Therapist

SerendipityCB is welcoming Anna Thompson to the team! Anna is newly licensed in massage therapy, but she has worked with body movement, strengthening, and healing throughout her life. Anna is an experienced dancer and deeply in tune with muscles and their movements. She is experienced in working with athletes who have suffered from sports injuries or are simply looking to enhance their sports performance. Outside of athletics, however, Anna appreciates the relaxation and improved circulation that results from massage therapy.

Anna specializes in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, as well as massage for lower back or TMJ (jaw) pain. She is able to adjust massage pressure based on individual needs, and she is happy to provide a relaxing atmosphere for her clients’ comfort.

Photo Credit:  Arlyne VanHook Photography and Unity Dance Troupe