Massage Therapy

Our massage services include both therapeutic and relaxing techniques to help your body heal, melt away stress, and ease muscular tension. We customize each service to ensure our clients receive the care they desire and leave with a sense of renewal.

Cheryl Barker Massage Therapist Esthetician

Cheryl Barker
Massage Therapist

Wanda Pico Massage Therapist

Wanda Pico Massage Therapist












Signature Balancing Massage

Find a renewed sense of balance with our signature massage. We use a combination of therapeutic and relaxing techniques to help your body heal, melt away stress, and ease muscular tension. Gliding strokes, trigger point therapy, and aromatherapy are integrated into one service and designed to promote a sense of well-being while leaving you fully relaxed.

60 min $60

90 min $90


30 Minute Rescue Me Massage

For those busy individuals short on time, try our Rescue Me massage to relieve tight muscles and free your mind from the daily grind. This 30 minute massage concentrates on neck, shoulders, and back, our most tense areas.

30 min $35


Swe-Thai Massage

Performed on a massage table utilizing proper draping, Swe-Thai is a unique style of massage that combines the ancient eastern knowledge of medical massage with the western knowledge of specific and advanced soft tissue therapies.  Swe-Thai Massage blends many different aspects of Thai massage techniques and stretches with proven and highly effective western treatment philosophies.

These biomechanical techniques allow therapists to deliver specific and, if desired, deep tissue work without straining their own hands or body while the client enjoys the benefits of having two therapies applied simultaneously.  Swe-Thai Massage addresses general neck and back disorders.  At times, your therapist will get up on the table and work over you, using their arms and legs to manipulate your muscles. This really adds to the level of power they can deliver to deeper depths and more accurate stretches.

90 min $115

120 min $145


Deep Tissue Massage

A firm-pressure therapeutic massage. Works to release chronic muscle tension and helps to alleviate pain, muscle spasms, stress, and tissue damage, by using slower, deeper strokes than regular massage. Not recommended for the first time guest.

Full Body – 60 min $80


Warm Bamboo Massage

A luxurious body massage using warmed bamboo. A variety of movements, drawing from Swedish and Deep Tissue, dissolve knots and tension throughout your body. The heated bamboo quickly penetrate and relax muscles so you feel energized and revitalized, but also very relaxed.

60 min $75


Hot Stone Massage

Heated balsam stones radiate their warmth into the surrounding body tissues and muscles making this therapy a relaxing, but deep tissue treatment.  The heat soothes the body while melting away the surface tension to allow for deeper work.  If you prefer deep work but dislike the intense pressure, then you may have just found your answer!

60 min $75